How To Shed Pre Fight Weight By Sweating

In part 2 of our series on how to shed pre fight weight for a mixed martial arts fight we’ll talk about the old technique of sweating it out.

In part one we talked about how to lose water before a mma fight and now we’ll talk about sweating.With proper sweating techniques we can lose 5-10 pounds of water weight before a weigh-in. This is tricky because this can severely reduce yourstrength.

The easiest way is to just workout. Seriously.Circuit training, running, jogging, whatever you want, it can be anything that causes you to sweat.Sweat suits or heavy sweatshirts can help you out alot.

Sauna’s, hot bathes and hot showers also work. I prefer the sauna for about 10 minutes. Remember, we’re only trying to lose 5 pounds so don’t get crazy with it.

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