How To Stick To Your Diet During The Holidays

Well the holidays are here and I must say I love some of the holiday foods. I mean listen, those shortbread, dark chocolate cookies from Traders Joes are slamming. That being said, I know the holidays bring a stressful time for many in terms of eating out and gaining weight.

Personally, I’ve never had a issue worrying about gaining fat during the holidays. I’m always trying to increase my muscle growth during that time so a little fat gain is ok so I do enjoy my holiday treats.

Here’s what I never understood though. People (fitness “gurus”) will act like the end is near everytime the holidays come and that leads to more hysteria. Other people promote it and the well intended individual (YOU) ends up getting worried. It’s not that big of a deal.

Seriously, what matters more? What you do between Thanksgiving and New Years or the entire year? Of course the entire year. If you’ve eaten well and got to the gym during the year then the 30 days between Thanksgiving and New Years isn’t going to do anything bad to your body. If anything, you’ve probably been undereating and it’ll help.

So I went on twitter and facebook (follow and friend me) and asked a simple question to the trainers, models, and hard working people that follow me.


What’s Your # 1 Diet Tip For Staying Committed To Your Nutrition Plan During The Holidays


Here’s some of the great replies

Dave Leech-Book a photo shoot for January!

Dale Buchanan-Enjoy the food but don’t stick around the table

Gys Smit-After 20 minutes, get up and walk around.

Johnny Motivator-Be prepared. Have all your food ready.

Jim Davis/Myron Romero-Eat a clean meal before you go to the party.

Abby Campbell-Eat a little here and a little there.Plan, Plan, Plan

Caleb Marshall-Have two lower calories days two days before you’re going to have a big meal.

Elissa Lowe-Never eat too much in one sitting that you’ll be afraid to take your clothes off.

Denise Campbell-Workout! For me it keeps me motivated to keep training

Michelle Kruse- Have a big glass of water and protein shake before you go to the party.

Rob Steele-Start your diet a few weeks before the holiday. Make it harder to break it.

Ben Teal- Offer to bring some food to the party so you know you’ll bring a good option.

TommyMac82-Have a family member that agrees to stay on the diet with you.

Thanks to everyone that provided their feedback on twitter and facebook.

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