How To Stop And Overcome Emotional Eating

You probably hear it every holiday. Your sitting around the table and some relative comes out and says “I was losing weight but” or “I was working out but then…”. Everyone does good for a little bit then their success stops. Why? Listen, regular Joe and Janes aren’t the only people that suffer from emotional eating? You see it was bodybuilders and fitness models too. Things are going well then something happens in their life that causes them to binge. Here’s how to end emotional eating…

This typically happens when you feel stressed about something. Relationships, work or just life in general. Stress is the trigger to emotional eating. Personally, I’m looking for chocolate when that happens. Snickers, Hershey’s or just a Crunch bar.


Stress makes us grab the cookies or ice cream and it keeps us far away from our ideal body. Listen, stress is stress and we all need to deal with it in life everyday but what can we do to prevent the stress from forcing to binge eat?


  1. Do something else. This is a big one but so common. As soon as you feel stressed, remove yourself from the situation. Go for a walk, go to a different area of the office, get in your car. Just do something different. There’s nothing like clearing your head and it sure beats hanging out at your desk and eating the chips, right?
  2. Drink more water. Personally, I know that I need to either drink or eat something when I’m stressed and I know other people are like that. Keep water or green tea by your desk and when you feel stressed, drink it. Another benefit, they’ll both delay hunger.
  3. Keep a journal. I know the hardcore guy won’t want to hear this but I know it works. Just jotting down how you feel and what you have going on in a great way to eliminate that stress.
  4. Entertain yourself. It could be with music or computer games or crossword puzzles. Whatever it is, do something quick and easy that you enjoy so that you don’t force yourself into Candyland.

So you see, it’s not doing something crazy or complicated. Just realizing that your stressing is a great way to stop and overcome emotional eating. Another option is to take a few select natural herbs that lower stress.

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