Hungry On A Diet?

Ever start a diet and have everything go right for the first week or so? If you answered “yes” then you aren’t alone. The problems start after that first week or two when you start getting hungry on a diet.

Why do you get so hungry on a diet?

Might your current body fat levels play a role in your hunger when dieting?

Even if your calories and workout routine don’t change, will your hunger still increase?

The leaner you get the more hunger you have, is that true?

The answer to all the above is “yes”….

Leptin is a primary fat loss hormone that typically falls when your calories and body fat drop. The lower the leptin levels the lower the CCK, which is a hormone that stimulates the feeling of fullness. You can clearly see the Leptin-CCK-fullness connection right there.

Those aren’t the only two hormones that make you hungry on a diet. Ghrelin is also an important hormone to consider.Ghrelin stimulate hunger. As leptin falls, ghrelin goes up. So now we don’t feel full, we’re hungry and more hunger signals are being sent to our brain.

We need to modify our expectations as well. If we’re expecting to feel full just because we’re eating more fiber or fat on a diet then we’re setting ourselves up for failure to begin with.

This doesn’t just happen when you’re trying to lose body fat however. This also occurs to those people trying to maintain their ideal body weight. Now being at your ideal weight is slightly a different animal. When trying to maintain, you should raise your calories to a level that will allow you to fluctuate in and out of your ideal range.

Most individuals that come off of a diet continue their weight loss cardio and training routines. If you’re doing a high amount of cardio then that will also lead to more hunger.

Lastly and quite possibly, the most important factor is that of the distance that you’ve come. If you’ve lost 30 pounds and want to stay at your new weight then you’ll have a dramatically tougher time doing so then if you only lost 10 pounds. Your hormones will tend to gravitate toward back up to the 30 pound level.

That’s why you get hungry on a diet.

Here’s a great video from my youtube channel on breakfast and weight loss.

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