Intuitive Eating For Fun And Fat Loss

I never understood why dieting and limiting yourself on eating certain types of food was a badge of honor in the bodybuilding world.

Example, last night I went out for a birthday dinner with some friends and family. At this one restaurant that we ate at I almost ALWAYS get this one particular dish. It’s an angel hair pasta dish with scallops and shrimp and mussels covered in feta cheese with a cream sauce.

Not exactly traditional dieting food…

It’s not my cheat meal either.

It’s just another meal.

Being that this is a special event, it changes my eating patterns and provides me with more opurtunities. Just like you hear people say that “if it’s not in the house you can’t eat it”. I wouldn’t cook a feta cheese fish pasta dish for myself.

Quite honestly, I don’t want to be a traditional meathead and turn down a chance to eat great food. There’s nothing hardcore or cool about sitting at a table with family or friends and saying “no, I can’t eat anything because I’m X weeks out of a goal date” or bring tupperware or just be a jerk about it and not attend.

I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to eat like I normally wouldn’t.

Obviously I can’t eat like this daily or I’d be a float but what I can do is program my body to handle that food.

Here’s what I ate yesterday…

Woke up around 7 am: 1 greek yogurt plain and 24 grams of whey protein

4 or so hours later: 12 ounces of organic grass fed fat free milk, 40 grams of whey, 1 tbsp of organic, natural peanut butter, 1 regular sized banana.

4 pm: 40 grams of whey protein.

(I LOVE and use this whey protein exclusively)

6:30: Big meal time!

7:30: Cake

I spread the whey out during the day due to its ability to provide a high satiety so I wouldn’t be hungry.

Here’s todays meal and meals I plan to eat

Meal # 1: 24 grams of whey, plain greek yogurt, 1 cup of oatmeal

2-4 hours later pre workout meal: 1/2 cup of brown rice, 40 grams of whey.

Post workout meal: 40 grams of whey, 1 bagel

3-4 hours later: Some grass fed beef and a few slices of Italian bread.

Pre bed meal: 40 grams of whey and some healthy fat source.

I prep my body the day of and the day after to store that massive amount of incomingcalories from the celebration dinner in my muscle and away from my fat.

You can literally have Thanksgiving dinner every week, all year if you follow a intuitive eating pattern and eat when you’re hungry by planning meals around a big event.

Listen, you shouldn’t have to turn down a celebration just because you’re dieting. If you adjust accordingly around the event and eat based on hunger you’ll be ok.

And you won’t be as hungry should you space your meals out more infrequently.

Learn how to get away from the emotional and environmental reasons why you eat and learn to interpret your bodies signals and respond accordingly just like I did above.

This is also valid based off research as well.Steven Hawks, a nutrition professor at BYU actually published research on this in the American Journal of Health Education.

Give it a try, prep your body for a big meal and enjoy!

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