Is It Ok To Cheat On Your Diet?

It can’t be avoided.¬† You’ve stayed on a strict diet, you’re doing your cardio and you’ve made some great fat loss gains. Then it stops. You can’t lose fat anymore.

So what do you do? Obviously, you can eat less and train more but who wants to do that? It might be time to cheat on your diet.

90% of people only know a cheat meal or cheat day as something they can do once a week when they are trying to lose fat. It’s the best day of the week. I love mine, I have it even when I’m trying to build muscle. Initially, coaches thought of it as a mental break but recent research shows that it’s more of a physiological¬† help then anything.


When you diet, you tell your body that you’re starving. As a result, the hormone leptin, which is a anti-starvation hormone, decreases with decreases in food intake and increase activity. Now a whole host of factors effect how much leptin drops. Your hormones, genetics, fat mass and lean body weight all effect it.

When leptin drops, you lose muscle mass, you stop losing fat, you get cravings for bad food, you have increased irritability and you’re fatigued no matter how much you slept. You have to counterattack the drop in leptin or else you’ll be miserable, lose your muscle and stop losing fat.


So bodybuilders have this focused mindset and only know to do more work. They start looking at their diet vs cardio and decide if they want to eat less or do more. That’s not going to help. Carbohydrates are the trigger to prevent and reverse this drop in leptin.

Now I’m not talking about some huge binge like most people think. It can be used for someone trying to lose pounds to the most extreme precontest diets. That’s why I advocate carbohydrate cycling. With carb cycling you never allow your body to drop leptin, you don’t get food cravings and you continue to lose body fat and build muscle.

Don’t go crazy thinking that I’m telling you to consume more calories. Chances are, you won’t gain fat since you’ll have an increase in basal metabolic rate.Plus leptin helps to increase testosterone, growth hormone and can directly combat the muscle wasting hormone cortisol.

So how do you defeat leptin, build muscle and continue to lose fat?

It depends on the severity of the diet and how long that you’ve dieted for but you typically increase your calories from 20-30% for 12-48 hours. Now if you’re a bodybuilder on a severe bodybuilding contest diet or someone that has dieted too hard for too long, you can increase your calories for 20-30% for upwards of 5 days.

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  1. Thomas
    9 years ago

    I discovered carbo cycling by trial and error a few years back. I am thrilled that I am not the only one to find that it works. I was following the Atkins program a few year back to successfully lose 65 pounds. Whenever I seem to hit a plateau I simply ease on the carb limits for a day or two and then start again with the Atkins’ initiation phase, the pounds would resume coming off like magic. I have cheat days weekly or about every 8 days without fear. I haven’t gained anything back yet!

  2. Sylvia
    9 years ago

    Approximately a year ago, I lost all my baby fat. At this point Thirteen lbs lighter, I would certainly like to eliminate an additional 12 lbs in order to reach my college pounds. For the previous twelve months I have been faithfully going for walks two miles a day on the tread mill sporting a pounds vest. However the scale could not move. So right after reaching a plateau, I decided it’s time for a new strategy. And with all the buzz about Wii Fit, perhaps it is time for a high tech strategy to weight loss. Do you think this would certainly be a good strategy?

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