Is oatmeal is a healthy grain?

Is oatmeal a healthy grain
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My favorite source of carbohydrates, oatmeal has come under fire by the paleo diet group. Is oatmeal a healthy grain forĀ  to include in your performance diet?

Oatmeal has several similiar proteins to gluten which is why some people look, feel and perform worse after they consume it. The reason why is because it’s high in the amino acid proline which are tough to digest and they remain largely intact as they pass through the digestive process. when your gut can’t break the grain down you’ll have increased inflammation, gut pain and irritation and joint pain while setting yourself up for autoimmune diseases like celiac.

Most people jump on the quinoa bandwagon at this point as a replacement for oatmeal.Containing large amounts of saponions , these molecules actually cause slight tears in your microvilli cells. Your immune system ends up taking a beating.

Is there a time and a place for oatmeal and quinoa?Yes, there absolutely is. I always advise people to remove certain foods and see how they feel. Then slowly add those foods back into your diet and continue to monitor your progress. You might find that you can get away with a bowl of oatmeal every few days or that by removing it you fixed the short term acute problem. Telling you to completely avoid it is irresponsible.

There is a time and a place, like post workout, that you’ll need to consume grains or else your recovery will be impaired. Grains aren’t the devil when they are kept in moderation.

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