Is There More To Weight Loss Than Diet And Training

Is there more to weight loss than diet and training

This is an interesting topic, one that has garnered my attention in recent years. Is there more to losing fat and building muscle than just eating right, getting proper rest and training the correct way? ¬†While the hardcore skeptics will argue that “it’s made up”, they fail to realize that they are too short sided to see that there’s mounting scientific literature that support the theory of other “influences” on our body.

I’d lose for weight loss to be as simple as we think it is. You eat less,exercise and your burn fat. Sadly, nothing ever works in such a straight liner path. There’s numerous hormonal, biochemical and metabolic factors that need to happen for us to burn fat.


Gut health, Hormones, GI Tract and Bacteria

Recent studies that I have seen have shown that you can actually reach your maximum intake of food but not feel”full” yet, without knowing it,consume more calories due to a certain type of bacteria. As the bacteria feeds on the including nutrients to your body you actually get “full” but don’t feel it so you eat more food. With more food comes more calories. Bacteria is a very real thing and we can contract them from simply walking barefoot. Crazy right?

Another recent study showed individuals losing upwards of 37 pounds in 12 weeks! How did they do it? They simply stop eating foods that they were allergic too. You’ve heard of a gluten intolerance’s before right? That’s the main food allergy that people hear about but there’s so many more involved? ( Know other allergies? Add them, it’s easy)

Some people also have a hard time sticking to their diet and that can be a result of ¬†neurotransmitter imbalance in your head. Our neurotransmitters have a profound impact on our health. Serotonin, for example, when low can actually increase our cravings for carbohydrates? That’s one of the reasons why drastic low carb diets don’t work and why eating carbohydrates before bed can make us relax and sleep better.

Should We Only Eat Organic?

I’m going to say no and here’s why. It’s not real. It’s a pretty and sexy idea but at the end of the day, most people just can’t afford to eat organic all the time. I drink organic coffee and at times, will buy organic chicken but if you saw how much I chicken and turkey I eat you’d realize I’d have to be a millionaire to consume that much organic chicken. That being said, research in animals has proven that pesticides and environmental chemicals cause fat gain. So should we only eat organic? It depends on how much you eat and what you can afford.

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By all means, have some information that I may have missed in this article? You can edit this article and add your own opinion and information. Know a cool website? Let us know.

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  1. Tony Suvie
    9 years ago

    You are soooo nice! It sounds to me like you are finding minute excuses for overweight like the person on the scale. Seems to me that people reading your articles probable don\\\’t look too much like that in the picture.

    But then, I am borderline to that pic muyself. Being a 54 yr old lifter and former competitor I realize that I can never know everything and I still go through sites to find that \\"Holy Grail\\" tidbit of info. And know what? I have found some very interesting stuff in the damnedest of places.

  2. Tony Suvie
    9 years ago

    Thank you for the info folks i’ll surely keep an eye out

  3. Dr. Bryan Walsh
    9 years ago

    Hey there, Jimmy.

    You know I could not agree with you more. Diet and exercise only work to the degree that someone\’s physiology allows them to.

    While there is no excuse to being fat, there are legitimate reasons people have a hard time losing weight – hormones, gut health, food sensitivities, dysbiosis, neurotranstmitter imbalances (affecting motivation and cravings), adrenal function, thyroid function, inflammation, immune activation – these all play a major impact on our ability to lose weight, or gain muscle.

    Thanks for teaching people what the diet and exercise industry sorely lacks.

    Dr. Bryan Walsh

  4. Mark Young
    8 years ago

    Good post Jimmy!

    I agree with Dr. Walsh. There are so many factors influencing fat loss that most “experts” just don’t account for. The more factors you address the better results you’ll produce.

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