Jaime Filer Contest Prep With Jimmy Smith-23 Weeks Out

In this on going pre contest diet blog from my client Jamie Filer, we get her weekly update on her progression with working with me one on one.

Contest Prep update: 23 week out.

Jimmy: I’ll add my notes below Jaime’s. Find out more about working with me by clicking here now.

Update: Week one over and done with. Can’t say it was easy, but nothing worth having is worth getting for free, right?… Right? *weary laugh* Anyway, good stuff to report this week; stuck to the diet, got ALL my training in, did a ton of cardio (will talk about that later), and happy to say that neither my strength, nor energy levels, nor sleeping patterns suffered. My mood’s also been great! No brain fog or anything! Can’t get much better than that!

Food: I’m going to call this adjustment week. I’m not making excuses. I rocked this week! I stuck within 5-10g of each macro total for the day. And tried to be as clean as possible with all my food choices. That part could use a little work (might as well be sponsored by GNC or bodybuilding.com with all the protein bars I eat in a week *hint*). So that needs to be cleaned up this upcoming week. However, the BIGGEST victory, and the one I’m going to gloat about is the fact that last week was the first week in maybe two years (since my last show), that I haven’t binged. I didn’t eat above 2000 calories in a day, and I wasn’t dying from lack of Ben and Jerry’s. I didn’t even white knuckle the urge! w00t w00t!!!

Training: Finished my first 1.5 cycles of the plan. And wow. Wowowowow. I LOVE THIS. If you saw the plan, you’d say “Hmm… Doesn’t look like much volume.” But HOLY CRAP!!! What it lacks in quantity of exercises, it makes up for in quality and intensity. I <3 deadlifts at the beginning of a workout, I <3 stretching IN THE MIDDLE of a workout, and I <3 HIIT. One thing I’ll admit to though is going overboard on the cardio. Blame it on my enthusiasm; blame it on my anxiety about the show; blame it on my history of over exercising… Regardless, I need to cut back. Jimmy has me on ~30min 3x/week, and I need to stick to that. I don’t want to burn out before It’s time to use all the tools in my arsenal.

Measurements: I wasn’t expecting a drastic change between this week and last week because I’m still adjusting to the new protocols. I have the measurements for this week AND I took pictures for Jimmy. Those aren’t (yet) for public consumption (there have been threats made on his life and the lives of his loved ones if he posts them… Xoxo Big Guy)
Shoulders: ?
Arms (cold): 12
Arms (flexed): 13
Waist: 30” (-1″ from last week)
Hips: 40”
Quads: 22.5 (-.25″ from last week)
Calves: 15.5

Goals for this week:

1) Work on controlling my macros better. Plan things out a little more in advance rather than just subtracting the macros from each meal relative to my total per day as I go, or scavenging for food in my immediate vicinity that “kinda” fits my macro parameters.

2) Not over-do the cardio. Wouldn’t it be great if all trainers had a client who LOVED cardio….?

3) Bring my supplements with me in my backpack so I don’t forget them.

Jimmy’s Notes:

Jaime dropped 5 pounds this week!  Her performance has increased in the gym and that’s a direct result of my training program is is geared away from volume.

You lose results with higher volume!

I have Jaime on a strategic amount of fish oil to help burn stubborn body fat and research backs it up.

In a study in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, 7:31,2010, high grade fish oil ,which is what I use, triggered a 1 pound loss of body fat and 1 pound gain of lean mass during a 6 week study in Gettysburg College.

The researchers speculated that the weight loss may be due to a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol.

The take away: Use this high grade fish oil and burn body fat, it’s one of the only proven supplements.

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