Jaime Pressly Shape Magazine Workout

Jaime Pressly just graced the cover of Shape magazine, where she discussed her workout program to burn fat. She looks good but is the workout good?

The whole point of Jaime’s workout is to keep things constantly changing since she gets bored rather quickly. The Jaime Pressly workout includes everything from cardio to core workouts to power lifting moves, according to Jaime.

Her trainer says that “most of the exercises we do work multiple muscles at once.” “There’s no rest in-between sets, so Jaime’s heart rate-and-calorie burn- stay high”.

This is a typical workout amongst celebrities as they don’t really want the more hardcore, intense workouts but then again, you hear about celebrity workouts like Heidi Montags workout or Lauren Conrads workout and see they train for hours so it depends on the star.

What’s my favorite workout for women? I prefer Women’s Arm Secrets, it gets my approval.

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  1. Kylee
    8 years ago

    I love this chicky she’s hot and her body looks great after her baby…
    Interesting workout.

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