Jessica Simpsons Diet And Workout

Have you seen pictures of Jessica Simpson lately? The once vixen has gotten out of her diet and workout and let herself go. So what type of diet and workout is Jessica Simpson using to get her sexy back?

Jessica Simpson recently tweeted that she is using Chinese Pu-erh tea, which is typically sold as a weight loss tea. While it doesn’t really work, Jessica is also using a Vegan lifestyle.

Vegan diets include giving up all cheeses, milk, animal products, fish and meat. I’m not sure what type of food she’ll eat for her protein but she can still consume shakes, nuts, rices and quinoa, which all are high in protein.

What workout is Jessica Simpson using? Recently when she got in amazing shape for the Dukes of Hazard she was using a circuit style workout that included a lot of full body exercises, specifically squats and lunges to lose stomach fat and general fat loss.

So that’s Jessica Simpson Diet and Workout, do you think it’ll work for her?

I’d rather see her on a macronutrient based diet. Click the picture below for more information.

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