Lauren Conrad Bikini Workout And Diet For Shape Magazine

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Lauren Conrad looked good on the recent cover of Shape magazine, didn’t she?  Was she photoshopped?  Part of me feels like Lauren Conrad doesn’t have the easiest time getting lean. Rumors from The Hills have it that she easily gains and loses weight. So I think she had to do some work to get that Shape magazine cover. So what was Lauren Conrad’s workout and diet?

Here’s the Lauren Conrad diet from Shape magazine

  • She didn’t eat starchy carbohydrates like bread and pasta.
  • She ate a bunch of fruits and vegetables.
  • Lauren ate lean protein with every meal.
  • She placed her meals out throughout the day.
  • Lauren worked out for five days, three of which were cardio and two days were spent with weights
  • She had a cheat meal once per week

Also of this was done for three months leading into her shoot. Lauren Conrad’s workout and diet was a very good celebrity diet. If you follow those few rules, you can get lean. The problem is that most people can’t eat like that consistently.

Listen, Lauren Conrad has to look like that. She’s in Hollywood, she’s eye candy. She also had a deadline, she knew that she was going to be on that cover regardless of if she ate pizza or ate good.  She needed to lose fat, get her lower abs, and boast her metabolism.

Most people want to look like that, they just have no motivation.  You’ve seen the person in the gym that focuses for a few weeks before a big event. They have that external motivation. Bodybuilders have the internal motivation to be bigger and leaner.

Now Lauren Conrad’s workout and diet was the same as Audrina Patridges workout and diet, they had the same trainer. Lauren was focused on her diet and Audrine wasn’t. Being the center on a tv show does that. Just look at Heidi Montag’s workout routine .

So that’s my message to you today. Find an important date to focus on. Make it six to eight weeks from now. Realize that maybe you won’t have a Lauren Conrad body, she might be starting from a different place than you are. So focus on where you are today and work hard until you reach your destination date.

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