Pro Bikini Model Diet and Training Program

What do pro bikini models eat? How do they stay so lean. Are there any diet secrets that we don’t know about?

1:What does your daily diet look like and how does it differ from your pre figure contest diet?

I eat the typical clean 6 meals a day with a mixture of lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. One meal that I always am sure to include is my post workout shake! I am a huge fan of DYNAMIS REFUEL s6k™, their protein is delicious and it is by far my favorite meal of the day.

My diet doesn’t differ to much from contest to off season besides a slight decrease in carbs. I like to stay fairly lean year round and I have to be ready to rock those tiny bikinis at anytime!

2:Describe a typical training week. What do your workouts look like? Do you include a lot of jump training?

I lift weights 5-6 times a week and cardio 5-7 days a week depending on if I am getting ready for a show or shoot.

As far as weights go I do a back/chest day, arm/shoulder day, a heavy leg day and a lighter leg day which will include some plyometrics and usually another heavy shoulder day. I try to train my abs 3-4 times a week as well.

3: Low intensity or high intensity cardio? Do you add both into your workout?

It depends on what my goals are, if I am trying to lean out I will incorporate sprints, intervals and even some skipping in between my sets but if I am in my off season I do a lot more low intensity cardio since I am usually trying to build and I don’t want to burn off my lean muscle.

4:You’re sexy and look amazing in tiny bikinis and you should be proud, you’ve worked hard. I’m sure men stare at you. Do you take it as a sign of appreciation for your hard work?

Thanks so much! Yes of course I take it as a compliment, I have been training since 2007 and it definitely helps keep me motivated when people let me know that they think I look good. Don’t get my wrong there has been a few times when men in the gym stare for a little to long, but for the most part I appreciate it.

5: You’re in the flex bikini search, where can we vote for you?

Yes I am! I would really love the chance to compete in the finals in Vegas. You can vote multiple times a day and voting is open till August 15th so if you have a few spare minutes a day please vote for me! Just go to
and Vote for Caitlyn B.

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  1. Paul
    6 years ago

    You should be allowed to wear tiny bikinis wherever you want. Smoking! You have my vote..and actually..anything else you want from me.. Just voted..

  2. Lisa
    6 years ago

    Great interview Jimmy and Caitlyn… I’m actually going to be competing in the near future. I just had some augmentation surgery and I’m all cleared to get back to training, just not sure how to train around them, I guess…

    Maybe you guys can do a follow up about hamstring and glute training. Seems to be a tough area for me to get toned but it’s coming along.

    I’m going to vote for you, thanks again Jimmy and Caitlyn!

  3. Barry
    6 years ago

    You’ve got to look like a goddess in a thong

    Hoping you win so we can see more of you in the magazines.

  4. Desmond
    6 years ago

    Are you legs ever too sore from your first leg day to do a second? I’m thinking about doing that, ya know the heavy and the light day. Jimmy, you think it’s good?

    Kaitlyn-your body is too nice.

  5. Tracy
    6 years ago

    Good tips Caitlyn. I’d love to hear more about your glute training, personally I train twice per week with, one crossfit style. Good job too Jimmy… You’ve got my vote

  6. Frankie
    6 years ago

    How have you not been on the cover of Curves? Damn, I’ll vote for you just to see if you have any new pictures up…so sexy

  7. Eric
    6 years ago

    Give me a minute to pick my jaw off the floor. Caitlyn you have a great, attractive, beautiful pair of eyes 😉 Have you ever tried fasting? Voting now

  8. Sarah
    6 years ago

    while the boys have their tongues out, I’ll just say FANTASTIC interview guys. Caitlyn, keep training and inspiring us ladies

  9. amanda
    6 years ago

    How much cardio do you do?

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