Safe Appetite Suppression With Herbs

I was asked this question on Twitter the other day from @matthewdustin. It was about safe appetite suppression with herbs.

Any good natural vitamins out there for mild appetite suppression during a cut? (Not fat burners)?

My short response was the following

I’ve given clients, with good success, alfalfa, burdock and bladderwrack. In that order.

Here’s why they work…

Alfalfa is a great as a safe appetite suppression herb due to there high levels of saponin. Studies show that saponins help make fats more soluable and they play a role in helping to maintain the health of blood vessels.

I like burdock as a safe appetite suppression herb as well.

Active ingredients include inulin, polyphenolic acids, and non-hydroxy acids.Inulin is great for helping to level blood sugar. It is an excellent blood purifier that detoxs the blood and lymphatic system. It is high in iron and can help build blood during times of low hemoglobin.

Lastly, another safe appetite suppression herb is bladderwrack, which contains high amounts of kelp that contains high levels of iodine.It works two ways.First it helps the thyroid by increasing your metabolism. It also helps your body to  easily absorbed nutrients that you may have had a hard time absorbing before which reduces cravings

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