Substituting White Rice with Brown Rice for 16 Weeks Did Not Substantially Affect Metabolic Risk Factors

Here’s an interesting study ahead of publishing looking at the common bodybuilding urban myth that you must replace white rice (well, really all white products) with brown rice (or whole grain options) to lose fat.

Epidemiologic studies have suggested that higher consumption of white rice (WR) is associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, it is unclear whether substituting brown rice (BR) for WR can improve metabolic risk factors. A total of 202 middle-aged adults with diabetes or a high risk for diabetes were randomly assigned to a WR (n = 101) or BR group (n = 101) and consumed the rice ad libitum for 16 wk. Metabolic risk markers, including BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, glycated hemoglobin, and serum lipid, glucose, and insulin concentrations were measured before and after the intervention. Over the course of the intervention, no between-group differences were found for any markers except the serum LDL cholesterol concentration, which decreased more in the WR group compared to the BR group (P = 0.02). However, this effect was observed only among participants with diabetes (n = 47). The reversion rate of reduced serum HDL cholesterol was marginally higher in the BR group (14.9%) than in the WR group (6.9%) (P = 0.07). Among participants with diabetes, a greater reduction in diastolic blood pressure was observed in the BR group compared to the WR group (P = 0.02). Our study suggests that incorporating BR into the daily diet for 16 wk did not substantially improve metabolic risk factors. Further studies with larger sample sizes, longer durations of follow-up, and different varieties of rice are needed to carefully examine the role of BR in the prevention and management of diabetes.

J.Nutr. 2011 Jul 27th

Jimmy’s thoughts: Not surprising. I’ve been touting my diet approach known as Macro Math for over a year now. No carbohydrate source is off limits if it fits within your daily allotment. This bodybuilding nutrition notion that you can only eat brown rice and oatmeal as your carb sources or you won’t burn fat is stupid. Might the advocate have a great body? Sure, but that has more to do with their genetics or drugs then anything else.

This idea is just passed down like scary campfire stories. No one questions it because everyone that is suppose to be an authority proclaims it. Well there you go my friends, another bodybuilding myth exposed.

If you’d like more information on how my targeted macronutrient math approach can benefit you, click here.

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