Terry Crews Workout For The Expendables

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The Expendables has an all-star muscle cast of who’s who in action films. As a matter of fact, it may have more muscle then the cast in Arnold’s Predator.

One of the more underrated actors in the movie is former NFl player Terry Crews and his large arms. ¬†Even from his football days, Terry Crews has an impressive set of arms. Maybe you’ve known him from the Old Spice commercials? Either way, Terry Crews Expendables workout will help you lose fat and build muscle.

In his workout, Terry Crews uses high rep work. He uses a circuit workout of 4 exercises, Upright Rows, Power Clean, Deadlifts and Jump Squats. He only rests 30 seconds between exercises and does 6 reps of each. One set is all it takes to raise your metabolism and build muscle and get big arms with this workout.

The second circuit in the Terry Crews Expendables Workout consists of dumbbell front raises, Arnold shoulder presses, lateral side raises, reverse flyes and hammer dumbbell curls. Again, he does 1 set but this time he uses 10 reps. On the hammer curl he goes even higher to 25 reps.

That’s not a easy workout by any means and will have your heart rate elevated rapidly. Hey, Terry has to keep up with Sylvester Stallone Expendables Workout doesn’t he? Give the Terry Crews workout for The Expendables a try.

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