The Truth About Mercury(Mercury Poisoning)

Here’s what separates this site from the 100’s of other fitness and nutrition blogs on the internet. I’m not afraid to go down the road less traveled and talk about topics that aren’t generally known. There’s only so much that you can write about interval training and protein, right? One of those topics is about mercury and how much of a poison it really is. Don’t lose sight of it for one second, merucry poisoning can prevent you from losing body fat.

Mercury poisoning is a very real threat to your health and to a lesser extent, your physique.


78% of Americans have dental fillings based in mercury and 95% of people with central nervous system disorders (MS, epilepsy, migraines) have mercury fillings.

Mercury is one of the most powerful neurotoxins(just like it sound, a toxin to your brain) yet it rests just inches away from your brain. That’s a problem.

So why isn’t there more press about the dangers of mercury? Because there would be BILLIONS of dollars at stake. Everything from individual dentists to the companies that produce the fillings. Make no mistake about it, there’s a TON of money in the dental industry (no duh, you see your last dental bill. All that for 5 minutes of work?) that’s keeping this nasty secret hidden.

Listen if you suffer from fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and you just don’t have a “clear” head then you know you may have a mercury issue.

Think I’m pulling your chain. Don’t belive that mercury poisoning is very real? Check out this paper by the National Institute of Health

“Disorders of the Central Nervous System”

Here’s the most freighting thing, mercury is very permeable and will get through your skull, no matter how big your dome is. Plus heavy metals accumulated in your soft tissue. Think your tight just because of your last workout? Fat chance, mercury poisoning is very real.

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