Why You Need To Keep Your Insulin Levels Low

After reading some research on insulin and tumor growths, I posted this statement to my facebook page…

“The more research I read the more I see the need for low insulin levels”

It sparked a good debate over my post. While no one will argue over the need to control insulin levels to lose fat, there’s a need for lower insulin levels for overall health. Here’s what my facebook friends said and here’s my responses, bolded underneath.

Michael Kerley said “Except pre-workout”

Michael is 100% accurate. You want to take a carbohydrate rich meal pre workout in order to ensure proper energy in the gym so you can have a intense workout.

Flip Aguilera was interested saying “Hmmm”

Raymond Ho responded with “For sure, I was writing about that on my blog last night. The art is in regulating people. Low insulin=high growth hormone.

Raymond was also point on. Lower insulin levels mean that your growth hormone levels stay elevated. That’s not to say that insulin levels must be kept this low for so long. There’s a balance there that needs to be attained.

Corey Arlequin mentioned a video from Metrx founder Dr.Connelly.

Dr. Connelly is brilliant but at times confusing. He’s extremely smart but it has trouble breaking complex topics down so that the average lifter can understand it.

Dr. Bryan P Walsh had a great remark “It’s all about balance. Without insulin, we’d be dead”

Dr.Walsh, an all around smart guy and buddy of mine is 110% right. Everything in balance.

I also responded to the comments and will end with this statement. Allow me to reframe my statement. When I made the initial post I was reading various research on insulin levels and unwanted tumor growth. The underlining theme seems to be insulin and lack of proper insulin balance.

Insulin is NOT the enemy, I’m getting shredded on a relatively high carbohydrate intake right now.

Your thoughts???

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