11 Ways To Lose Lower Ab Fat: How to lose lower stomach fat

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Top 10 lists are clichéd and overdone. A Top list would probably be too overwhelming, and too much to remember. So I figured I’d write a nice, concise Top 11 list of ways to lose lower ab fat and lower belly fat. I bet if you start with only 3-5 of these (assuming you’re not doing them already), you’ll see immediate changes right off the bat. Then, start incorporating more into your daily life as the previous ones get easier and more habitual.

11) Drink more water – Water is nothing short of ‘magical.’ It helps cleanse, purify, satiate and satisfy our thirst. The more water we drink (provided we don’t OVERhydrate), the more benefits we’ll reap. Therefore, increasing your water consumption will help keep you more full throughout the day, as well as help move waste through your systems to clear your GI tracts.

10) Use a natural safe thermogenic (Yohimbine + caffeine) – There’s enough scientific research out there to show that caffeine IS good for fat loss (when used safely and in the right dosages) because it stimulates the central nervous system.

9) Eat more veggies and fruit – This is similar to #2, but the more practical version. Fruits and veggies have BOTH soluble and insoluble fiber; both of which will serve the purpose of helping us lose lower ab fat. As I’ll explain later, insoluble fiber promotes bowel movements, but soluble fiber prolongs stomach emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly. This means we don’t get hungry as quickly between meals. Not being as hungry leads to not eating as much, which leads to fat loss.

8) Increase protein – Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. That means, the more of it we have, the faster our metabolism is, and the more energy we burn up on a daily basis. How can we increase the amount of lean body mass we have? Increase your weight training frequency (or volume) and increase your protein intake.

7) Do functional core exercises – Sit-ups and crunches are a thing of the past. These days, more people are focusing on rotation/anti-rotation, extension/anti-extension and bracing exercises. Things like Landmines, Cable rotations/woodchoppers, Garhammer raises and plank variations will all be your best bet in terms of ways to strengthen your core and whittle your middle.

6) Intervals > Steady state – It’s been proven time and again recently that people who performed lost more fat than those who performed steady state cardio. Think about it – You could burn 300 calories doing an hour of steady state cardio on the treadmill, OR, you could burn upwards up 450 doing 20 minutes of intervals, in addition to a warm up and cool down.

5) Weight training – Weight training is our G-d’s gift to fat loss. We wouldn’t be anywhere without it. Cardio is great for just burning calories, but to REALLY change our body compositions, lose fat, and tone our middle, we need weight training. Weight training speeds up our metabolisms for an extended period of time even AFTER we stop the exercise, which means MORE calorie burning and more fat lost.

4) Do “The Vacuum” – This kind of related to #7 regarding functional core exercises. This isometric exercise focuses on the Transverse Abdominus; the abdominal muscle that wraps around your waist like “Nature’s weight belt.” It’s our deepest ab muscle, and is MANDATORY for posture and core strength. This exercise has been done since before the days of Arnold for aesthetic purposes (it helps teach you to suck the abdomen in, making it appear less bulgy).

3) Cut out Diet sodas – I know that for me, personally, nothing bloats me more than carbonation. Whether it’s a seltzer water or Diet Coke, after a can, I FEEL like my lower abs are more bloated. Combine that with the artificial sweeteners that sometimes wreak havoc on people’s stomachs, and you get a recipe for disaster.

2) Increase insoluble fiber in your diet – Insoluble fiber is the type of fiber that helps move bulk through the intestines (thus promoting more bowel movements), and remove toxic waste in the colon in less time. The more stuff that moves through us, and the faster it moves through, the more quickly we can get rid of the gunk that’s causing the lower ab bloat/puffiness.

1) Eat less – This is essentially what everything comes down to. It seems simple, and it is; Occam’s Razor – The simplest answer is often the right one. If you just eat less than you’re eating now, and continue weight training, you’ll lose fat. Simple as that.

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  1. markku
    8 years ago

    great tips, but don’t dismiss steady state cardio. If you are in good condition you can burn 700 calories an hour instead of 300. Also use a seasonal approach – concentrate on endurance part of the year and concetrate on strength another part of the year.

  2. admin
    8 years ago

    True, steady state cardio does have its advantages and I do include some in my training. For the most part, people will lose more fat with HIT since it’s at an intensity that most don’t normally train at.

  3. EW
    8 years ago

    What is the vacuum?

  4. Christian
    8 years ago

    Great article, minus point number 1, eat less. Alot of people are overweight and eat under 2000 calories a day. Eating less is becoming more and more now, NOT the right answer.

  5. Roger
    8 years ago

    I couldn’t agree with u more about the vacuum. A move not really seen now a days.

  6. Clement
    8 years ago

    Great post, Jimmy. Just started on the fitcast quite a while ago and I’m listening to your 2008 issues with Kevin. I must say, you’re quite the character!

    I really like your bowel movements point. It actually does help me feel cleansed and “detoxed”, for want of a better word. It really does help in curing my belly bloat!

  7. Bev
    8 years ago

    I also would like a description of how to do the ‘vacuum’.

  8. Lane
    8 years ago

    Simple and concise. You’re quickly becoming one of the only guys I continually read online. Thanks!

  9. admin
    8 years ago

    Thanks Lane! That means a lot!

  10. admin
    8 years ago

    Thanks. Not on that show anymore, didn’t like the new direction. Click the “podcasts” link above for my podcast.

  11. Liam
    8 years ago

    The title left me suspicious, the content blew me away! It’s so great to read common sense advice about losing stomach fat… all 10 tips are absolute winners and really do work. And couldn’t agree more with No1 – just eat less, so simple and so effective yet too often ignored.

  12. Balwant Singh
    8 years ago

    Awesome Tips ! Can you expalain more abt thermogenic (Yohimbine + caffeine) – ? what are the sources of it ! Thanx a lot!!

  13. Kylee
    8 years ago

    Awesome logical info and hot hot bodies.. i want one just like her…

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