Calories Or Cardio?

Everyone wants to be lean. I caught you! You wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t want to lose some bodyfat an build some muscle, would you?  Listen, you don’t have to want to be the next big underwear model turned rapper turned actor.

marky2-300(Mark Walhberg Got His Head Cut Off But Dude Was Ripped)

You don’t even have to want to be shredded. Anyone that is trying to lose any amount of weight over four or five pounds (which is lost with just exercising and a short-term calorie drop and lose of water weight) will be faced a important decision.

Do I drop my calories lower or do more cardio?

It’s a tough deicision because one side of the coin, your logical brain that has been taught for years to lower your calories and lower your calories won’t let you think that you need to eat more. The day you wake up and aren’t tigther then the night before is the last day you eat more carbs or more food on a fat loss diet. On the other hand, you hate being hungry, your hate just eating chicken and rice and you really don’t like how drawn your face looks.


You first have to look at it from a few different perspectives.

-How well is your metabolism working while you’ve been dropping calories? Are you still losing weight?

-How well can you deal with the hunger associated with your current dieting state and will eating less make it worse or keep it the same?

-How is your recovery from your cardio? That is how much EPOC do you get and do you recovery quickly or do you need to ingest more food after your cardio to recover?

Generally, I like to eat. Most people like to eat especially on a bodybuilding or six pack diet plan so the more caloires they can take in the stronger metality they’ll be. That being said, they have to do the right typee of cardio. You can’t walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and burn 150 calories and expect the extra, CLEAN, food that you eat to not get stored as bodyfat. You’ll have to do some interval training at high intensities since interval training increases carbohydrate usage up to 8 times that of normal steady state training.

EPOC or how you recovery from interval is still a very big factor in getting that last five or so pounds off.

Before you go and start doing more cardio. You need to ask yourself how you’re responding to the diet. If it’s working,whatever you’re doing, then stay with it.

More food and more cardio is always going to be the best in my opinion. I hate, HATE, staying after in the gym and doing more cardio but it gets the job done. Some people can manipulate their metabolism more then other people so they won’t need to make the change. Some people can’t recovery from hard cardio sessions or training on a low calorie diet period. I am all for doing as little cardio is possible, that’s why I cycle my cardio. If our diet gets cycled then why shouldn’t our cardio?

Doing cardio stinks but so does not eating, so what will it be?

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