Figure Model Workout-How To Design A Figure Model Workout

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I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people are coming to this site to find a figure model workout. It’s obvious to everyone that I’m not a figure model but what I can do is rely on years of experience and work with various figure model clients and tell you exactly how to design such a workout.

Figure Model 101

The hardest part of the equation for almost anyone looking to become a figure model is realizing that looking good in a bikini doesn’t cut it. There’s a big difference between the two. For starters, a figure model must have a certain degree (though not large by any means) of muscularity. That muscularity can’t be shown when you’re walking across the stage. So there’s the first issue, the girls have to build muscle but can’t buil too much muscle.


How do you do that?

Well for starters, a figure model workout should consist of traditional sets and reps, around three to four sets of eight to fifteen reps. It’s really all in the consistent changes week after week and how a physique is viewed that matters. Let’s be very clear on one thing, figure models need to train hard. They need to use basic exercises like squats, lunges, chest presses, chin-ups. All the big muscle movements. The changes really happen in the diet but that’s another article.

What to focus on

A figure model should focus primarily on the hamstring, glutes, quads, abs and back. While shoulder, chest and arm development are important, once you reach a acceptable (based on a truth worthy coach or judges) of development, you can move away from training these area.


So look to incorporate more deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, good morning and various types of walking lunges into your program to full develop a defined backside of your leg since hamstring development is a huge part of a figure model workout

Single leg squatting movements (as to not over load one area) should also be emphasized so that one quad doesn’t take over for the other. Split squats and step-up being two of the more important movement.

The abs

Like anyone else, figure models need a tight and defined mid-section that can never be defined enough. By saying that I mean that you should strive to work your abs and obliques evenly with various movement. I suggest splitting your ab training up to three different days. Crunch days, hip or lower ab days and rotation days. That way you can make sure you’ve hit every area imaginable on your body.


(For example of various ab workout please watch these videos)

So what rep ranges should you use? Honestly, you want to use both high and low rep work or else you’ll run the risk of overtraining your abs plus you may miss the definition that varying your rep work gives you. So in that situation you’d want to cycling your training with one high rep day followed by one low rep day then repeat.

Just hamstrings and abs?

While I know that I devoted this figure model workout article to mostly hamstring and ab training that’s not to say that we shouldn’t focus on other areas. My goal was to show how these areas need to emphasized for maximum development.

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