Is Cardio Catabolic?

Everyone gets so worried that they lose muscle when they do cardio to get lean. Where does this fear come from?

People are trying to figure out a way to do cardio to lose fat but not lose muscle. That’s why you see people talking about doing fasted cardio on a empty stomach.

Cardio isn’t catabolic though. It won’t make you lose muscle. Most diet studies show just walking for 60 minutes actually improves muscle retention.

Now I prefer that people perform their cardio after their workout but it doesn’t need to be treated like some scary monster. I prefer people not to do cardio on a empty stomach and the good thing is that most people have a few meals in them before they hit up cardio. So you have protein, carbs and fat in your body which prevents muscle breakdown.

Cardio isn’t catabolic at all. I prefer to take a few scoops of a branched chain amino acid drink since the body uses amino acids ┬áduring cardio. Don’t worry about losing muscle when you do cardio. Just do it!

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