Most effective ab workouts, sets and reps

Everyone wants six pack abs right? Well what are  the most effect ab workouts, sets and reps?

Just to get this out of the way, you can’t get six pack abs without significant fat loss. Lose fat and get your abs, it’s that easy.

Well what is the most effect ab ¬†workouts, sets and reps? A recent meta-analysis (where they take a bunch of studies and find out what they have in common) looked at the specific sets and reps that people need in order to get results. Here’s what they found.

-Beginners should use 12-15 reps and advanced athletes need lower reps.

Ok so what does that mean for the most effective ab workouts, sets and reps?

Personally, you must use multiple sets and a reps. I advise you to train your abs two to three times per week, anything else isn’t needed. Perform a weighted day with lower reps and a day with bodyweight movements like legs raises and planks.

Here’s a good six pack workout

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