Speed Up Metabolism Or Else

Do you ever get tired of current trends in the dieting world? It seems from the second that one successful method comes out everyone jumps on it. The most over-rated term or method must be “raise metabolism”. I mean how many times can we see this?

Instead of offering short term solutions in the forms of various diets or weight loss pills, why not provide the exact reason why your metabolism is slow? I mean doesn’t that make more sense? When you break it down and get away from all the complex science you see that there’s three ways to speed up your metabolism.

You need to become more active

We age, it happens. Most people get a typical 9-5 and don’t have time to workout as much or as often. You have new responisbilities that pull you away from the gym or living a active lifestyle. The result? Your metabolism takes a nose dive. So everyone wants to ask “why did my metabolism slow down” but no on looks at their life stile. The simplest way to speed up your metabolism to just do more active.

Eat more calories at the right time

As a species, we stink when it comes to perating with lower calories. The second that our body senses less incoming calories it shuts down and we don’t lose anymore fat. Now look at the modern individual that eats three meals per day. This metabolic slowdown happens at acute levels every single day when we wait too long to eat and eat too few calories (yes, even overweight people eat too few calories). Your body responds by using more carbohydrates and protein for energy which preserves your body fat and makes your muscles smaller.

So what’s the common answer? Well to reduce calories. Wrong. When you reduce calories you cause your body to take in less calories then it puts out. Common in the dieting world, this only works for short periods of time. Less calories in means you can’t burn off as many calories which leads to a overal metabolic slowdown.


Build Some Darn Muscle

Seriously, the best way to speed up your metabolism is to just build some lean muscle mass. Your body hates muscle mass, it costs too much in terms of calories. Research has shown that as much as 60 to 75 percent of all calories you burn is dependent on your muscle mass. The more muscle that you have the better your chances are for burning calories.

So now let’s look at this picture. Work out less, eat less, eat worse and lose muscle mass. Can you see why you need to speed up your metabolism now or else?

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  1. robert salinas
    8 years ago

    hi jimmy, i weigh 392, 41yrs old.i defitniley need help

  2. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    Robert-What has been your issues with dropping fat? Please be descriptive and I’ll be happy to help.

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