UFC’s Best Bodies #10:Roger Huerta “EL MATADOR”

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In the first installment of the best bodies in the UFC, we profile Roger Huerta aka “El Matador”.

Roger Huerta has been known to train with TRX straps and other type of accommodating resistance measures such as bands and chains.

While not a traditional type of training, to get one of the UFC’s best bodies, he must focus on core workout amongst other things. The ability for Roger to be on one foot or lose his balance and ,stabilize his body and get to his feet and display power is the most important training virtue. He must have a functional core.

So I know some bodybuilding purist out there are asking how Roger Huerta can be that ripped without doing hours of cardio. The key is, he does do hours of cardio, just not traditional treadmill cardio.

When you look at the boxing, ground fighting and wrestling, he burns a lot of calories. Add in the fact that he has a lean, clean cut look and Huerta deserves to make this list. His unique workouts give hope to guys who don’t want to be traditional bodybuilders.

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