You’re Eating Too Many Calories To Build Muscle

Just going by the reaction on my Facebook page (you should join, it makes you cooler), the following post is going to incite some people and inspire others. Typically that happens when you attack long accepted “facts” and expose them as merely smoke and mirrors. The concept of building muscle and nutrition to facilitate that goal has been a personal research topic of mine for years which almost ALL the evidence pointing to the fact that you’re eat too many calories to build muscle…

Otherwise put, people think they need way more calories than they assume to increase their muscle size. In reality, their gaining fat and becoming unhealthy. Allow me to start out by saying that in no way am I trying to be a shock jock and am just saying something for attention in the online world, I’m not. I’m going to present multiple factors to support my theory. Chances are, you’ll either hate me for having a educated opinion because you ,somehow, take me poking holes in an old theory as a personal bash or you’ll agree since you’ve been around the ringer a few times yourself trying to see faster results.

Step one: Counting calories and diets based on calories. They don’t work!

Short explanation:They either make you gain weight (and never mistake weight for lean muscle tissues) or they cause you lose weight (never mistake losing weight for fat loss). Your body only recognizes macronutrients (protein, carbs,fats and fibers) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). It doesn’t recognize that this meal was X calories and your next meal is Y calories. It’s really simple. Eat more protein, carbs and fats than you need and you get fat. Eat an optimal amount and you build muscle and lose fat.

Medium length explanation: Watch this short and informative video

Step Two: Muscle size increases are tightly regulated by multiple factors with MORE importance than calories coming in.

As a fitness community, we’d rather buy a brand new car than tune up one with only 10,000 miles on it. Our body can handle a certain amount of calories relatively easily yet we’re trying to force more on it instead of optimizing a process that works efficiently to begin with.

Testosterone: has been shown to be the determining factor over protein intake. No duh right? More testosterone leads to more muscle. The interesting thing is that it’s not the protein that leads to increased growth by itself. So if protein, the holy grail of muscle nutrition, isn’t the determining factor when one considers resistance training and hormones then there obviously has to be an issue with eating more calories.

Mechanogrowth factor signalling to muscle tissue and the degree of which it is diminished or signaled. This is heavily influenced by our training age and consistency over the course of our training years. Your training programs and how you adapt and evolve your training when the gains slow down plays a critical role, more so, than stuffing your face with more calories.

Inflammation: Generally, out of control inflammation via a poor diet and lifestyle choices can negatively impact your health. Low grade inflammation actually is very vital for muscle growth which is why you saw popular arachidonic acid supplements a few years ago. The supplements tried to capitalize on low grade inflammation to encourage growth and it slightly worked for some people. Now I’m not advocating your use of those supplements, I’m merely suggesting that inflammation does play an important role in muscle growth.

Satellite cells:Research studies have shown that the subjects whom entered various research studies with more satellite cells than their counterparts increased muscle growth more. As our muscle growth slows down, it might very well be indicative of reduced and diminished amounts available to our muscles. Signalling which can be manipulated by our training and nutritional needs.

Our hormonal, nutritional and mechanical signals CHANGE as we progress throughout our lifting career. It has NOTHING to do with the copious amounts of calories that we stuff down our throat. If it was a matter of just eating X amount of calories then how do you explain the celebrities or athletes who build impressive physiques without being slaves to the muscle media?

There’s hidden muscle growth there, it’s just our job to find out how to bring it out.

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