May 2007, # 21

An intense and advanced 4-week fat loss program using a variety of rep ranges to get more results in less time. Also includes a “300” TT workout to be done as a challenge at the end of the 4-week program.

Resurrection Workout

An intense and advanced 4-week fat loss program that is aimed at someone who needs to get back into the gym after a lay off and lose a quick 10 pounds. NOT for beginners, this workout used strength training cardio in 15 minute circuit workouts

The Fat Loss Diet

The only diet written by Jimmy Smith that aims to help you achieve maximum fat loss by taking advantage of the little known method of calorie rotation. You don’t need to banish any one food group from your diet, you just need to learn how to rotate them in the right ways to encourage maximum fat loss.

Calorie Scorch Bodyweight Digital DVDs

Imagine being able to get a great fat loss workout ANYWHERE you go. With the Calorie Scorch Bodyweight system you don’t need any equipment to have an effective 30 minute fat loss workout anywhere you go.