A Recent Poll In GQ Magazine Found That A Muscular Back Was The Most Attractive BodyPart To Women By Over 80%. Is Your Back Up To Par?

Jimmy Smith’s Ultimate Back Training System

Let’s put it on the table and be brutally honest here. 99% of people don’t even train their back and if they do, they do it all wrong. Sadly, that might be describing you but it’s not your fault….

All you did was listen to the people on the message boards or follow the magazine workouts. After all, you thought the bigger the person giving the advice was the more knowledge they had. Well,I’m here to tell you that it’s all wrong.

Do you know why women find a muscular backs attractive? Because a muscular back signals power, authority and strength. Those are all primary emotions that women to this day still desire in a man.

I mean it’s cool to want big arms and a big chest, if you’re trying to impress other guys. I’m not into that, so I need to hit my back hard.

Think about this for one quick second. Almost every upper body problem that you’ve ever had is a result of having a weak back

  • Low back pain is caused by having weak lower back muscles.
  • Shoulder pain is caused by having a weak mid back
  • A weak bench press is a result of not having a strong enough back to pull your shoulders back and allow your chest to press more.

Plus, did you know that lack of arms size is directly linked to a weak mid-back? Think about it, when you can’t complete another rep of a curl, why is that? It’s because your mid-back isn’t strong enough to support the weight you’re trying to curl

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.  The Ultimate Back Training System isn’t for beginners. So if you’re brand new to working out, I’m sorry I can’t allow you to have access to this information.

But if you’ve been training for years without seeing big increases in your arm size, bench press strength or shoulder health then the Ultimate Back Training system is just what you need.


Hear me now, what do you have to lose? This program costs you $17 for all of this…..

  • You’ll get my 12 week back training program. All you have to do is follow the workouts step by step and experience the results.
  • The top 15 reasons why your back doesn’t look the way you want it to(and how to fix that ASAP).
  • The Russian finger technique taught to me by one of the top kettlebell coaches in the world that allowed me to finally feel my lats and force them to grow.
  • A closed door presentation I gave at one of the most hardcore bodybuilding gyms in New York City about back training. (These guys needed the top information to get big backs fast and I gave it to them and it could be yours if you order today).

Plus much,much more.


Your Protected By My 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Guarantee # 1: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with “Ultimate Back Training” even if you don’t like how you feel after just the first workout then just send me a personal email any time in the next 60 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep the entire program as a gift. Fair enough? There’s more..

Guarantee # 2: Simple implement just ONE of the back building strategies inside  ““Ultimate Back Training” and if you aren’t thrilled with how you feel and look then I will personally work with you one-on-one ( I charge $125 for in person training and $265 for online coaching) until we reach this goal together. If for some reason I fail(and I won’t) I will gladly reach into my own pockets and buy  “Ultimate Back Training” for $30, that’s almost double of what you paid for it.

Guarantee # 3: Implement ALL the techniques inside “Ultimate Back Training” if you don’t add nearly 1 inch to your lats I will, first, refund your entire purchase but to top it off I’ll take $50 out of my own pocket and send that to you as a way of saying thanks.

Note: This product will be delivered to you electronically 100% instantly so that you can start changing your body today