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Here’s What You Get


Each “Ultimate Bodypart” program includes the following..

  1. A “Done-For-You” 12 week training program for the specific bodypart (The cool thing here is that you get a 12 weeks program for your chest, arms, arms, legs and shoulders!)
  2. Why you’ve failed to build the bodypart that you want and how to never have this happen again. (I’ll reveal, step-by-step, what you’ve done wrong in your training and how to fix it for maximum gains)
  3. The 3 “Money” exercises for each bodypart that, by themselves, can explode your growth in that area(Note: They aren’t the usual suspects).
  4. My closed door “Underground Bodybuilding” seminar that was filmed at a local gym to natural bodybuilders who each paid $200 to attend. In this presentation I cover each bodypart step-by-step and go over how to design training program for that area and other strategies you’ve never heard of to train those areas.

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