Welcome To Jimmy Smith Training Premium

I wanted to first personally thank you for deciding to give Jimmy Smith Training Premium a try. You WON’T be disappointed.

So why did I start a premium section to this site?

I was sick and tired of giving away fantastic advice, putting my heart and sole, into my writing and having people NOT take action.

I’d be getting emails time and time again from people telling me the same problems over and over again, regardless of how many times I’d given them links to articles or videos.

So one day, I decided enough was enough. I was going to make a premium section for people that are serious about their health and physique and that’s how JST Premium was born.

What Should You Do Now?

I strongly urge you to check out the Premium Quick Start Guide that is spread out over these few articles. It will help to establish a baseline for you so that you can start getting your body primed and ready.

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