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Getting bigger biceps was an obsession of mine from when I first picked up a bodybuilding magazine and saw Arnold’s arms. Years later, after I was able to build a nice set of arms, I looked back on my old training logs and found a few important principals kept popping up year after year.

What should I do to get bigger biceps?

Step one is to analyze your current training program. What does your typical biceps workout look like? Are you training hard enough? Are you always sore? All of these factors are important.

For example, if you’re sore after your biceps workout but your arms still aren’t growing then you aren’t using heavy enough weight. Soreness is not a an indicator of growth. You don’t need to be sore to have a good biceps workout.

What are your reps like? How many reps do you currently use?

I’ve often found a key to developing bigger biceps happens as you change your hand position. A close grip chin up is a vastly effective biceps movement that shouldn’t be ignored for bigger arm growth.

Chin ups, while often viewed as a back movement, actually put your biceps in a disadvantageous position so they have to perform more work per degree of range of motion then a typical curl. This is key for biceps growth.

Another common overlooked area is your shoulder health. If you don’t have strong shoulder blades then your upper torso won’t stabilize your biceps evenly enough to allow you to lift heavier weight.

If you’re too internally rotated then your range of motion will also be limited. Most people don’t think that way but it is vital for growth.

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