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I was able to grab Elise Firestone, someone I’ve “known” (you know, when you know people online) for a few years so I wanted to she what she’s been up to and what training information that you had to share about the world of figure models


Q:Can you tell us about your background ? How you got started in fitness and how you started competing? You recently did the Fitness Atlantic right?

A: Growing up as a competitive dancer and the demands of staying in shape is what first lead me to gym. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old when I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Pulmonary hypertension that made me even more so want to prove to my doctors that I could continue to be active while battling an illness. I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I can.

I become extremely interested in competing after I had my friend IFBB pro bodybuilder Colette Nelson where I became so memorized my the world of fitness competitions. My first competition was in 2006 a figure show. I soon learned that figure wasn’t the right choice for me. Being 5’7 and on the slimmer side I found it difficult to put on tons of muscle. Since then I’ve competed in various bikini and swimsuit competitions, as well as competing in the Miss CT/Miss USA pageant. In 2008 I won the WNBF Expel swimsuit contest, and in 2009 I placed second at the 2009 Fitness Atlantic, and again placing first at the NPC Mets in the new division of Bikini.

Q: How many weeks out do you start training for a contest?

A: Ideally I like to stay in contest shape throughout the year, this way if I decide to compete or having any upcoming photo-shoots or promotional work I am able to get into shape fairly easy. Depending upon how I look and feel I will start a contest diet between 4-8 weeks out allowing my body enough time to get into the shape it needs to be.


Q: What was your training like? Was it your typical body part split 4-5 day routine or did you focus on improving specific areas?

A:It wasn’t until recently where I’ve switched up my training routine, into a 3 day split. I used to train 1 body part a day, sometimes splitting up my leg workouts to concentrate on hamstrings and quads. Currently, my trainer and nutrition coach has split my workouts up so that I am doing circuit training along with cardio interval training. My workouts consist of lower body circuits 2x a week and upper body training 1x a week. This has really allowed me to focus on my glutes and hamstrings, something that can always worth perfecting.


Q:Diet wise, what do you feel works best for your body? Very low carb or timed carbohydrates around your workout?

A:I’ve tried much diet in the past. What works best for me is a well balanced diet that consists of good carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. When training for something specific I’m usually cutting down on the carbs and limiting my fats, and sticking to veggies, and white fish.

Q:What’s worked best for you (diet, cardio or training) for getting rid of stubborn body fat?

A: A combination of diet weight training and cardiovascular training are the three best components to get rid of body fat. I’ve learned throughout my years of training my own personal strengths and weaknesses. With this, I can now make better choices to improve my overall conditioning.

Q:What’s next for you Elise? What projects are you working on?

A: Currently, I am working on expanding my business Cosmetic Artistry, a business that offers on sight services for competitors such as tanning, makeup and hair appointments. I’ve also been busy working with girls on posing and presentation lessons for onstage and behind the camera. I’ve been fortunate in the past to work with competitors from amateurs to pro’s from all different federations.

I also really enjoy training the general public, those who are looking to get into shape or simply looking to change their physique through a sound exercise and diet program.

My personal goals are to continue to compete, and work on getting so more modeling experience, I really love being a positive role-model for others and I’ve found that the health and fitness industry has allowed me to meet so many fabulous people, and I hope to continue to do so within the years.

For more information about myself and Cosmetic Artistry please visit my website at

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