Sleep On It-How A Lack Of Sleep Makes Us Fat

What if I told you that there was a way to burn more fat, not get sick, prevent premature aging and wrinkles? Would you be interested in that?

You don’t feel good when you don’t get a good nights sleep, right? Maybe your sleeping pattern has been screwed for so long that you have no idea what a good night sleep really is anymore. Well you might want to fix that issue.

Here’s why

-Missing just ONE night of quality sleep can actually make you as insulin resistant(you’ll get fat) as a type 2 diabetic and it won’t change if you “get more sleep tonight”.

-The Center for Disease Control actually just classified chronic sleep deprivation as a carcinogen. Just like asbestos, second hand smoke, nuclear radiation and other cancer causing nastiness. Cool right?

Missing sleep, even for one night,wrecks your immune system and increases the stress on your body ten-fold.

So what happens then?

Well as we don’t sleep, we increase our insulin resistance which raises cortisol(that nasty anti-muscle hormone) and leads to more and more fat finding a home on our waistline. High levels of cortisol, over time, actually rip apart our collagen which leads to “swiss cheese” legs in women and overall bad skin, everywhere.

Even if you eat as perfect as you can, I want you to examine your daily habits. What do you do the last few hours that you are awake? Post them below and we’ll analyze them and see if we can’t get you sleeping better.

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