Systemic Enzyme Therapy For Arthritis:How To Heal Like Superman

What nutritional supplements do you usually use when you’re in some sort of pain? When a joint hurts or when you’ve just worked out too much, what supplements do you look to? The popular answer is “none” followed up by “some sort of NSAIDS”. NSAIDS are anti-inflammatory pills such as Advil. Not surprisingly, the one response I  almost never hear is “enzymes”.

Enzyme therapy is still a secret of elite athletes and progressive doctors mostly due to education and awareness levels and the cost of the most well known enzyme complex,Wobenzymes. Fortunately for you and I, there are cheaper options that work just as effectively.

How to recover and heal like a pro athlete

Inflammation is the underlining cause of numerous diseases such as joint pain, fat gain, heart disease,bowel disease, allergies, decreased thyroid health, poor skin, reduced reproductive function, respiratory health, urinary tract infection, prostrate health and increased duration of injury amongst other issues.

A complex process involving the body’s while blood cells which attempt to provide protection from foreign substances and infection. This is how the body deals with more common invaders such as yeast, bacteria, common viruses and most environmental chemicals. Inflammation, in the short term, is good. It is our bodies way of taking out the trash and spraying air freshener. Inflammation kickstarts the recovery process.

You never want to stop the inflammatory process, you just want to keep it at a normal level.

The underlining problem is that with today’s poor dieting habits that manage to keep insulin high, we trigger the inflammatory response in a never ending cycle. Your body begins to break itself down to the stop the process. We obviously don’t want that. That’s where enzyme therapy comes in. The faster you can heal the less pain you have and the less difficultly you’ll have moving and doing whatever it was that you did before you got hurt.

The science side of inflammation

Inflammation is regulated by signaling proteins know as cytokines. The signs of inflammation are redness, heat, pain, swelling and loss of function. You might already be familiar with one of the cytokins, TNF-Alpha. The chances that you or a loved one are on some type of TNF alpha blocker is pretty high considering that they are given for popular diseases such as IBS, IBD(inflammatory bowel disease), cancer, depression and Alzheimers. TNF-Alpha is a Th1, pro inflammatory, cytokine.

Uncontrolled and excessive Th1 cytokines program bodily tissue, muscle being one of them, for destruction and also increases the numerous systems of autoimmune diseases.

It’s important to know that once our immune system is triggered through either training, pain or improper nutrition then we’re going to start to slowly breaking down even if we didn’t just twist an ankle.

How enzyme therapy works

By ingesting enzymes the way that I’m going to describe below, you begin to bind the cytokines and remove them by activating a-2-macroglobulin proteins that increase the balance of Th1 and Th2, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and improve the function of the immune system.

Now at this point I’m sure that you’re thinking that the digestive enzymes that you typically buy are a waste. Not so fast. You need a specific blend of both plant and animal enzymes to make your immune system do what you want. A combination of both will reduce pain,swelling,inflammation, skin disease, lymph drainage, blood clots and overall clearance of environmental toxins.

Enzymes help the cells of your body to communicate and supports the cellular health of muscle tissue. Here’s a list of 17 degenerative, immune and physical conditions that enzyme therapy helps with.

  1. Enzymes aid in the breakdown and removal of immune compromising toxins that negatively impact joint health, circulatory regulation, skin health, liver performance, blood sugar balance and heart health.
  2. Enzyme therapy removes the amyloid beta A (A beta) peptide and might support healthy brain and nerve aging.
  3. Enzymes are very helpful for anyone with cystics found on their breasts and is a non-hormonal way to improve health in the presence of an already unsteady hormonal environment.
  4. Enzyme therapy helps to maintain optimal heart health since they promote healthy fat metabolism.
  5. Enzymes improve coronary circulation and improve the total amount of work that can be done.
  6. Enzyme therapy removes urinary tract minerals.
  7. Enzymes regulate blood sugar and protects the kidneys from the harmful effects of sugar.
  8. Enzyme therapy can reduce inflammation of the pelvic floor.
  9. Enzymes can reduce the length of injury and accelerate the healing of sprains and injuries following surgery.
  10. Enzyme therapy can decrease the discomfort and swelling involved with weight training.
  11. The healthy connection between the immune system and the thyroid is improved with enzyme therapy which can increase a slow thyroid.
  12. Breathing, asthma and allergies can be improved by the systematic use of enzymes.
  13. Central nervous system recovery from stress is increased with enzyme therapy.
  14. Sexual function and prostate health will both work better after using enzymes.
  15. Enzyme make reproductive health better.
  16. Degenerative joints such as the low back and knees will feel better, even with a lack of cartilage, due to enzyme therapy.
  17. Enzymes speed up the replenishment of cartilage.

Enzyme therapy questions and answers

Q: What brand of enzymes do you recommend?

A: The most popular is Wobenzymes but it’s a little pricey especially when you see how much they want you to take and how much I’ll recommend. I’m partial to NOW Super Enzymes since it contains betaine HCl. Betaine HCL helps your body to rebuild stomach acid which is involved in the proper breakdown and usage of the nutrients found in food. While the formulas are slightly different they both are made up of plant and animal enzymes and both accomplish the same goals.

Q: When is the best time of the day for your enzyme therapy?

A; There is no best time. A lot depends on the condition of the client that I’m working with but in general, the best time to take your enzymes is 15-20 minutes before a meal.

Q: Are there any known side effect of enzyme therapy?

A: At this time there are no known side effects.

Q: How many enzymes should I take?

A: Again, that varies based on the condition but here are some of the more popular issues and my enzyme therapy protocol.

General inflammation: 3 enzymes 3 times per day.

Moderate injury and swelling of a joint: 6 enzymes 3 times per day.

Severe injury or pre/post surgery: 6 enzymes 4 times per day.

Bowel disease or poor digestion: 3 enzymes 4 times per day.

Long term joint pain: 2 enzymes 5 times per day.

Allergies, skin health, lymph drainage: 3 enzymes 3 times per day.

Q: How long should I follow your enzyme therapy?

A: Follow the above recommendations for 10 days.

Q: What about maintenance levels?

A: Once your symptoms have decreased or once you hit the 10 day mark you should take 3 enzymes 2 times per day.

Q: What brand do you recommend for systemic enzyme therapy?

A: Here’s the brand that I trust


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