Foods That Wreck Your Physique:Part 2

In part one I discussed three foods that can wreck your fat loss progress. Since I’ve gotten enough comments and Facebook “Likes” (I strongly urge you to comment and “like” this article) I’m back with part 2 to complete the series.

# 7: Beef (especially steak)

How it wrecks your physique

Sure, you’ve heard how to “get big, you need to eat big” but in reality, that’s just terrible advice. Yes steak and regular ground beef is packed with nutrients that can support your training like Zinc, B6 and B12 and it’s a great source of protein but many of the cuts contain enough fat to fill the Biggest Loser ranch on Day 1.

Then you have the red meat issue as well and how it can negatively impact your cholesterol.

Here’s how to make it healthy

-Decide to go with leaner cuts like top sirloin and trim the visible fat.

-Choose grass fed beef options. While the fat may be identical( in most cases it’s lower), grass fed beef’s fat is CLA and omega-3, two healthy types of fat that will fight body fat.

# 6:Nut Butter’s

How it wrecks your physique

Dieting fitness competitors love the idea of eating peanut butter and almond butter as a daily treat but in reality, their doing more harm then good. Nut butters contain some fantastic nutrients that can build a rock hard physique such as niacin, magnesium and vitamin E. That’s all the playing nice that we’ll do.

The down side is that they are filled with hydrogenated oils that damage essential muscle signaling processes and negatively impact your hormone levels.

Also you have to factor in that peanut butter isn’t a nut at all! It’s a legume which has a whole host of gut irrating properties. Allergic reactions in the gut lead to increased stomach fat. If you’ve ever seen the documentary “Food Inc” and you should if you haven’t, they mention how peanut butter is actually made from corn. I haven’t seen this elsewhere but it’s worth looking into.

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How to make it healthy

-Choose organic or natural brands. Whole Foods has a fantastic station where you can crush your own peanuts or almonds.

-Don’t over do it either. I used to love peanut butter and ate it multiple times per day. Once is good, twice is enough.

# 5  Chocolate

How it wrecks your physique

While not as surprising of a diet food as the others on this list, chocolate is the cheat food of choice for many individuals during a refeed or cheat day. Chocolate isn’t just sugar mixed with cocoa anymore. Most of the commercially available chocolate, even the premium brands, contain high amounts of high fructose corn syrup which brings with it a whole host of negative consequences including increased risk of stroke and diabetes.

Here’s how to make it healthy

Choose raw or organic chocolate. The raw food advocates will tell you that raw foods contain more nutrient sand they are right. Raw chocolate also is is high in fiber.

It doesn’t taste as good as organic chocolate, ya dig? Even though organic chocolate is higher in sugar, it contains organic sugar,which has proven antioxidant benefits.

#4 Tap Water

Here’s how it wrecks your physique

Water isn’t just water anymore. Public tap water is highly  chlorinated in order to preserve the city pipes which it flows through to get to your tap. Chlorine is good for pipes and cleaning swimming pools, NOT your body. I mean think about it. Remember as a kid when you had to clear the pool because chlorine was going to be added to it?

Yes, sign me up to drink that.

First you have the cosmetic issues

-Teeth decay

-Hair loss

-Dry or rashy skin

Then you have the physique frustration, chlorine is extremely unhealthy and one of its biggest factors is that it destroys healthy gut flora. You’ve heard about taking a probiotic right?

Aside from boasting your immune system and keeping you healthly, probiotics also help your body maintain its stomach acid which is involved in optimizing uptake and usage of nutrients you eat. Without proper gut flora, all that protein is going to waste.

Here’s how to make it healthy

Use a flitered water system such as Brita. While it may not eliminate all of chlorine and nastiness that comes through your tap, it will do a very good job at cleaning it out.

You can also look to replacing your shower head with a fliteration head that cleans your water out. If you have bad dry skin or are experiecing acne or hair loss, I’d highly advise you to check it out.

# 3 Anything “whole grain”

Here’s how it wrecks your physique

While the mass media tells the general population to eat whole grains, we should know better. Whole grains don’t offer any distinct health benefits over white flour. They are just too processed and too closely processed to white flour to be this miracle worker that the media wants you to believe.

Think about this. Is a major bread company going to set up a dedicated whole grain factory? Not at all. In a strict carb controlled diet, your body will know no difference between the 20 grams of carbs from whole wheat bread then it will white bread and no difference between whole grains then white flour.

While whole grains requires a longer and more in-depth article then I can do here (would you like to see one? Leave a comment), I do need to tell you this.

Even if it’s 100% whole wheat, grains still cause stomach irritations and contain multiple toxic ingredients. YES, TOXIC!

Here’s how to fix it

-Maintain a flexible diet. Not counting your carbohydrates and fat is the reason that you have extra body fat, not the white bread. White bread or a white potato offer different nutrients then their whole grain counterparts.

-Eat less grains. Easier said then done but just eat less.

# 2 Salad Dressing

Here’s how it wrecks your physique

When dieting you want to live a normal life. You go out and decide to order a salad with the house dressing. Wrong move. Commercially available salad dressing is laden with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The better it tastes or thicker it is, the worse it is for your stomach. Canola oil is just as bad,as I wrote in this previous article.

Here’s how to make it healthy

-Use olive oil. Though it’s bland, it gets the job done.

-Make your own. My roommate at college used to make his own and it was delicious and healthly. The options are endless

-Olive oil

-Ginger-seasame vinaigrette

-Asian ginger

-Balsamic vinaigrette

The options are endless.

# 1 Eggs

Here’s how it wrecks your physique

Eggs, one of the holy grail foods of body composition diets. Sure,they are incredible and edible, easy to cook and packed with protein but their negatives might just outweigh their benefits.

Eggs are a highly allergic food to begin with. That is, we can build a stomach allergy to them which produces such cool stuff as bloating, unwanted stomach fat gain, joint pains and consistent colds. Factor in that most people in the fitness community consider eggs a “staple” food which requires them to eat eggs every morning. ANYTHING that we frequently eat we become allergic too.

I’ve also worked with a large amount of people who have the beginning stages of autoimmune diseases. Eggs have large potential to irritate and damage your intestines in addition to cause large amounts of inflammation in your body.

Here’s how to make it healthy

-Consume organic omega-3 enriched eggs. Taking a step in the organic direction is always better. Not that these won’t cause the same issues as we’ve mentioned above but you’ll be healthier for it.

-Cycle your egg intake. I’m not going to throw out numbers or figures telling you how much or when to eat them, I don’t think there’s a need for that. Just “use your head”. Cycle the amount of eggs that you eat per meal and cycle the days which you eat them.

I’ve been loving unflavored greek yogurt as a replacement for egg whites recently at breakfast. Try it.

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  1. Joe
    8 years ago

    Jimmy, your article states that peanuts are made from corn. Are you sure about that?? Or are you referring to brands like Skippy that use HFCS and HVO’s?

  2. Erin
    8 years ago

    Um…peanuts are NOT made from corn.

  3. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    Yes Erin they are. Watch Food Inc, it shows corn is processed down and is used as a seed for peanuts.

  4. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    I know it might be hard to believe but watch Food Inc. It goes into detail how many common household items are actually produced from corn, such as batteries. Peanut butter and I believe actual peanuts are one of those.

    I believe that the natural brands are not however.

  5. Donny
    8 years ago

    It is not just to say that nut butters are physique wreckers. Obviously, the ones filled with added crap are bad, but the natural/ organic brands are pure. Furthermore, eggs are not the number one physique wrecker, and red meat has been shown to not affect cholesterol levels as much as bad carbohydrates. If more people ate red meat and eggs, along with veggies and other healthful foods, we would have a lot less problems with obesity and the like. Poorly constructed article and foods that should not be included. However, most of your assertions are right on the money.

  6. Jacqueline
    8 years ago

    It was quite a while back, but I read that peanuts are from the family legumes. You know you do actually get peanuts raw in a shell? And it does kind have the aftertaste of raw kidney beans. Just a thought 🙂

  7. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    Red meat still does affect your cholesterol levels and it still isn’t the healthiest meat. If we’re talking grass fed, that all changes. Why do you think eggs are ok? They are the #1 food that wrecks your physique because so many people view them as a “must have” diet food.

  8. Divi
    7 years ago

    “they mention how peanut butter is actually made from corn.”

    Emphasis on “They mention” and “how peanut BUTTER” 🙂

    That being said, I LOVE eggs, but I have them only twice a week. I don’t eat any red meat. I am curious to know how omega-3 enriched eggs are made (I know that sounds stupid, but…). I substituted rice with quinoa. Plain Greek/Phoenician/Indian yogurt are my favourite – add terrific flavour to curries! I prefer plain nuts to nut butters.

    The magical term for me is “moderation.”

    Cheers all! 🙂

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