Consumer Reports Heavy Metal In Popular Protein Powders

A recent report that is slated to be released in the July 2010 Consumer Reports magazine has revealed that an independent, 3rd party testing facility found copius amounts of heavy metals in many of the top selling protein powder.

15 leading protein powders were tested for  arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.  They found that 3 daily servings (which is equal to what most people consume daily) of EAS Myoplex Original Chocolate averaged 16.9 micrograms  of arsenic and 5.1 grams of cadmium which are both higher than the FDA recommended intake.

Muscle Milk, which everyone has tried, contained all 4 of the above mentioned heavy metals as well as having high amounts of three of the metals, specifically cadmium which builds up in the kidneys. The body can not eliminate cadimum very easy and takes almost 20 years to secrete half of whatever amount that you have in your body!

Here’s a graph taken from the magazine which shows which proteins were tested and what the results were. So which proteins can help your fat loss efforts or help you get six pack abs?

So that begs the question, what protein is safe? Well according to the study, Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey was the safest. It’s the protein that I have used for years and I highly recommend it. Click the image below to get the protein of the year (for the last 5 years) for a great discount.

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  1. richie
    8 years ago

    more corporate espionage from the big pharma corps

  2. Raymond
    8 years ago

    If you only consume natural unprocessed foods for your protein then powders you’ll never have to worry about
    Also keeps cash in your pocket for more real food.

  3. JimmySmith
    8 years ago

    True but it’s impossible to meet your daily protein requirement from just whole food alone, not to mention that whey is better absorbed, has higher leucine content and is cheaper.

  4. nelson
    8 years ago

    i use optimum nutrition also and i gotta say its the best out there and it works :]

  5. Jamaal R
    8 years ago

    I have found that lesser known protein powders like Jay Robb’s and Warrior’s Whey (formely Warrior’s Milk) which can usually be found in your local health food stores deliver phenomenal results and are made from all natural, organic ingredients with little to no nutrient or protein destroying processing. I also use Optimum every now and again too.

  6. Night
    8 years ago

    Yep…Big Pharma for sure…!
    Check out Codex…info u need to know.

  7. april
    8 years ago

    read the article. solgar was the safest. arsenic for opt. was 1.5 solgar 0.6

  8. Kylee
    8 years ago

    So if these protein powders are harmful why do they still distribute them to the public??
    I have had muscle milk (tastes like crap anyway) but if it will hurt me why don’t they remove it?

  9. Roger
    8 years ago

    Thank you for the updates Jimmy. I heard some bad things about them before but not like this. Makes want to look harder at the ingredients label.

  10. -_-
    7 years ago

    Arsenic also occurs naturally in nature as does other heavy metals in foods we eat and in water fyi.

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