How to out train a bad diet

Today’s article is titled, as you can see, how to out train a bad diet.

Very good topic for today’s post super rebound training and diet day.

First, I hope you enjoyed whatever you ate during the Super Bowl because it WAS worth it.

Here’s the thing….

Enjoying a big meal for a big event is something that you SHOULD enjoy.

There’s no medal for someone that brings tupperware of dry chicken and asparagus to a Super Bowl party.

I’m always the guy that inspires you to stick to your goals and have extreme dedication to your goals but thinking that you NEED to be a traditional carbon copy of what some magazine claims you should be, that isn’t cool.

So you enjoyed your chicken wings, pizza and chips. How do you burn it off today?

Do you head to the gym and do a all out high intensity workout like most personal trainers will suggest today?

Do you do a rapid very high rep strength training workout?

What do you THINK you should do?

Here’s the answer…

You don’t do anything…

You don’t do anything…

Repeat it after me…

Why? Has Jimmy lost his mind?

Hardly,what I’m trying to tell you is that you can’t out train a bad diet in one day but you can make up for it during the course of the entire week.

How many calories can you burn in one high intensity workout? 30o or so but that’s nowhere near the amount of calories you ate yesterday.

So don’t destroy yourself in the gym today. Take it easy. Don’t put your body through anything else that you normally wouldn’t.

Follow your same workout plan.

Decrease your calories by  30% over the course of the day or eat 2-3 less meals today(have more protein per meal for your other meals to make up for the protein loss).

Bump your cardio up 5 minutes per day each cardio session.

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