Top Four Ways To Boast Your Metabolism

Top Four Ways To Instantly Boost Your Metabolism

If you’re on a quest to maximize your fat loss, there’s no question about it, you need to be doing everything in your power to boost up your metabolism and get your body incinerating calories 24/7. The more calories you can burn on a daily basis even just sitting in your chair at work, the better success you’ll see at losing body fat.

You may already realize that building more muscle onto your frame is one of the best methods to boost your metabolism since muscle mass is one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body, but the only problem is that takes time.

While you definitely want to aim for that goal in the long run, you’re likely looking for something you can do right now – today to see results instantly.

The following are four quick methods that you can do to get your body burning calories faster immediately.

Replace Carbohydrates Or Fats For Protein

The first method to boost your metabolism instantly is to swap out some of the carbohydrates or dietary fat in your meal plan for a bit more protein.  There’s no need to make your diet entirely protein, but having a greater proportion of your total daily calorie intake coming from this nutrient (30-40% of total daily calorie intake is a good place to be) can really help to boost your metabolism and speed up fat loss.

For every 100 calories of protein you consume, your body is going to burn up approximately 25 of those calories digesting the food.  This is a process known as the thermic effect of food and can add up significantly over time.

For those same 100 calories of carbohydrate or dietary protein, you’ll only use up between two and five calories digesting it, so it’s clear that more protein allows you to net a lower daily calorie intake.

Shorten The Rest Periods of Your Weight Lifting Workout

The second way to instantly boost your metabolism is to shorten up the rest periods you’re taking with your weight lifting workout.  While you don’t want to shorten them so much that you severely hinder your ability to lift a challenging weight, make sure that you’re keeping the workout moving, taking only about thirty to forty-five seconds of rest between sets.

This will help to enhance the metabolic rate immediately following the workout for up to 48 hours after, allowing you to burn more calories regardless of what you’re doing.  Just do be sure that you’re still lifting a relatively heavy weight within the rep range of eight to twelve reps as this is also important for creating the intensity necessary to benefit from the workout.

Get More Sleep

The third way to instantly boost up your metabolism so you can see faster results with your fat loss program is easy – sleep.  Only most people still don’t get enough because they’re filling their life with late-night TV, endless hours roaming the Internet, or other activities that are taking away from their time to rest.

When you don’t get enough sleep at night this will impact the way your metabolism functions and you’ll start craving more carbohydrates on a regular basis. To add to this, you’ll have an increased release of cortisol, which can promote muscle tissue breakdown.  Combined together these are going to have a very bad influence on your ability to lose body fat.

Aim for seven to eight hours per night and don’t think you can make it up on the weekend – you can’t.

Drink A Glass of Green Tea

Finally, the last way to boost your metabolism instantly is to start drinking two cups of green tea daily. One study conducted out of the Netherlands demonstrated that the tea catechins and caffeine worked synergistically together to help speed up the metabolism, increase the rate of fat lipolysis, as well as helped to prevent the loss of lean muscle mass while on a lowered calorie diet.

These are all huge benefits that would really boost your results so make sure you take advantage of this.  Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages to be consuming on a regular basis so make the commitment to start replacing your regular cup of coffee with this instead.

By making use of these four metabolism boosting tricks, you can see faster results with almost the same amount of effort.  They are all minor tweaks that only take a few seconds but really deliver in results.


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