Why you should buy whole grains

Everyone hears that they should be eating whole grains and that whole grain are healthy but does anyone know why they are actually good for you?

Whole grains are rich in protein, dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, and B-vitamins. When bread goes through processing, that is, when it’s turned from “whole grains” to white bread, many of these essential micronutrients vanish. Eat whole grains to lose fat and get six pack abs.

Whole grains contain as much as four times fiber which has been shown to reduce heart disease, obesity and certain forms of cancer. Research also has shown that at least three servings of whole grains per day can reduce the chances of asthma, gym decay and blood pressure.

The recommended amount of whole grains ins 3-5 ounces per day but I think you should get more.

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  1. Kylee
    8 years ago

    Wholegrains are awesome they fill you up, clean out your system, make bread taste like bread and not sawdust.
    No downsides at all.
    I eat it as toast, sandwiches, whole grain rolls etc…

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